Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

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And economists seeking to learn about extensions of analysis into new areas or about new approaches will benefit from research papers on cutting-edge topics.Traditional economic analysis has been used to explain why people who are overweight tend to have lower incomes than those who are thin as well as why some nations grow faster than others.Economists have explored why people gamble even though they are likely to lose money as well as why stock markets respond in predictable or unpredictable ways to external events.Some of the initial theory research papers, methodology research papers, and history research papers more logically follow a different structure, and common format has been sacrificed in favor of following the logic.Having the appropriate topic to write on is a critical step in the essay composing process.It is at this point that economic analysis leads to policy implications.Once economists have models that explain decision making and predict outcomes, policy makers have the basis for altering incentives to lead economic agents to make desirable choices.To the extent possible, the sample research papers in the list follow a common format.They begin with a review of theory and then examine applications of the theory, relevant empirical evidence, policy implications, and future directions.They develop models to analyze how tax policies affect philanthropy and how managers of baseball teams can determine which players are worth their salary demands.The range of research paper topics that falls within the domain of economic analysis is much broader (and more interesting) than those suggested by the traditional definition of the discipline.


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