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Reducing power consumption is also important for desktop computing to alleviate challenges of heat removal and power delivery.A special focus in our department has been on the development of energy-efficient graphics hardware.Another area of future interest is energy-harvesting systems, which are ultra-low-power systems that operate on energy scavenged from the environment.

Look at our staff research interests to make sure we offer Ph D/MPhil supervision in the area you want to work in Make sure you include the supervisor's names and/or Research Group on your application under the Supervisors section.

Applicants must hold a UK undergraduate (Bachelors) degree with at least first class or upper second class honours or an equivalent qualification from a recognised overseas institution.

The thesis should not normally exceed 50,000 words and must make an original contribution to knowledge and contain work of publishable quality.

The thesis must then be defended in a viva voce (oral) examination before a degree can be awarded.

Such a holistic design reduces the need for testing, and ad hoc implementations of controllers on distributed embedded platforms, and instead, supports automated synthesis, verification and certification.

As we are rapidly moving towards the design of autonomous systems, such a disciplined approach towards the design and implementation of control algorithms, as promoted by CPS, is increasingly becoming important.

One of our primary research focuses is interactive graphics where the main challenges are the rapid generation of photorealistic images and high-quality simulation in response to user inputs, as well as the development of both software and hardware mechanisms for human interaction with graphical systems.

We provide users with convincing, interactive, often immersive experiences in a computer generated synthetic environment.

Our department is engaged in research in several exciting new areas within computer architecture.

Energy-Efficient Systems: With the explosive growth in mobile devices, there has been a push towards increasing energy efficiency of computation for longer battery life.


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