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Benedick meets with Beatrice again after he has challenged Claudio and says to her again that he love her ” I love thee against my will” which indicates that he is forced to love her by his hart.Beatrice talks she says “I will not love that friends hate” Benedick replies to this ” Thou and I are to wise to woo peaceably” which means that they know what will happen if they show their love to each other “outside.” The next time you see Beatrice and Benedick together is at Claudio and Hero’s wedding.

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The two of them trade insults and Benedick calls her “Lady disdain” Meaning someone who looks down on someone because they think they are inferior.

Beatrice’s uncle Leonato Calls their trading insults a “merry war” this shows that there trading of insults has been going on for a while but is quite silly; and it is funny to see them bicker.

To make it look like to his friends that he was never against marriage he adds on “I did not think I should live till I were married.” An example of his change of attitude towards Beatrice is when he call her “Fair Beatrice.” This is in complete contrast to what he called Beatrice in the Beginning Lady disdain.

He has changed because of the conversation he has over heard.

William Shakespeare’s Play “Much Ado about Nothing” is about a group of characters with several story lines running through it.

Much Ado About Nothing Essay Love

I have decided to focus on the development of Beatrice and Benedict’s relationship.This shows that Benedick is trying to show himself to have feelings for Beatrice.Benedick finally conquers his doubts and declares to Beatrice, ” I do love nothing in the world so well as you.” This is a break through in the development in their change of attitude and relationship with/to each other.“She speaks poniards” is an insult because it means she speaks daggers, she can not speak without offending who ever she is speaking too.” I would not marry her” is an insult because he is saying that she is odious and because of this he would not marry her.Beatrice then asks Benedick the same question, and he replies the same as her showing the same proud ness because he doesn’t want to make fool f himself.The situation is “rescued” by Claudio and Hero when they extract sonnets and poems abut each other off them .When Leonato says to Beatrice “I hope to see you one day fitted with a husband” meaning I hope to see you married, she replies “no uncle, I’ll none” which means she wont marry at all.The attitudes towards each other are mutual, they don’t really like each other.Towards the middle of Much Ado About nothing the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick changes and their attitudes, towards each other and marriage also change.A good example of this change in Benedick is when he over hears Don Pedro, Claudio and Leonato talking amongst each other.


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