Non Traditional Student Scholarship Essay

It is a very easy scholarship to apply for, and there are many who file for it due to its popularity.

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The scholarship is open to anyone who has completed one year of undergraduate or graduate study in the current semester.

Scholarships are awarded to applicants who show leadership qualities, outstanding academic performance and community involvement.

Those who have the greatest need for financial aid are given preference.

The award amount varies greatly and the deadline is May 2. To learn more about this scholarship, visit: NURSE Corps Scholarship Program This scholarship is for nursing majors who have a disability.

While people are concerned about finding jobs with rising unemployment rates, the nursing industry is concerned that they will not have enough nurses to fill all the positions and meet the demand. Many factors are contributing to the rising demand for nurses, one of which is the 2-3 million baby boomers who will be joining Medicare each year over the next 30 years.

Labor Department that between 20, 712,000 new nursing jobs will become available.The deadline is June 15 and 40 grants are provided (ten ,000 scholarships and thirty ,000 scholarships).For more information, visit: Tylenol Future Care Scholarship This scholarship is open to registered nurses who are matriculating into an accredited, degree granting program for a master’s or doctoral degree, with an emphasis on administration and/or management.In total, four scholarships are provided through this program to nurses each year.To learn more, you can visit: Nursing Economic$ Scholarship This scholarship is open to students who are looking to pursue a post-secondary education within the field of nursing.The Affordable Care Act is also impacting that number, as it is estimated to increase the amount of people who are covered by insurance and therefore require more nurses to help them.There is no question, nursing is career path that is reliable and rewarding. Thankfully, there are many scholarships that exist to help nurses pay for schooling and thus, get them into the field where they are much needed.To learn more about this program, you can visit: Outlaw Student’s Nursing School Scholarship This scholarship is for any student who has enrolled, or been accepted for enrollment, in a registered nursing degree program.The enrollment can be full or part time, and to qualify, the student must be a US citizen or a legal resident. In order to apply, students must watch a documentary and write an essay that address two given questions.They cannot be delinquent on any federal debt and must also be US citizens or lawful residents.Scholarship recipients also have to work for two years at an eligible Critical Shortage Facility upon graduation.


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