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Different nurses earn different wages, depending on their specialty. I hope to be a general nurse practitioner, they earn around 7,460 annually. When I finally figured out what I wanted, I got a chance to volunteer at a clinic within my locality.

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I was visiting my grandmother as I had always done every week. She was just as caring for the other patients that she attended to. It is not easy to make a terminally or chronically ill person have a smile on their face with so much ease as she did.

However, as it turned out, that day would be different. Of course, I had to inquire more from my Nana regarding her. Knowing Nana, that statement was worth investigating further.

This is not all nurses though, there are wonderful nurses out there and I intend to be among them in the future.

At elementary school, almost every student typically has a dream of what profession they hope to take up when they become adults: Although it’s not always that we all get the jobs we hoped for, by the time that we’re graduating from college, the majority of people will have taken a different career path, and often for the greater good.

I should know since I hope to be a nurse which is quite different from what I wanted to do.

Why I want to be a nurse essay will reveal what inspired the change of heart.

I knew that I had to have a chat with her and when I did, it was life-changing.

She was an inspiration and made me want to be a nurse.

One thing is certain though, nursing is not for the faint of heart and requires a lot of sacrifice and patience.

Dealing with people is not easy especially when you’re offering services.


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