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So, stop sulking, raise up your hands and enjoy the thrill of the ride!” ― tags: gratitude-quotes, life-design, life-is-a-merry-go-round, life-is-a-roller-coaster, life-is-an-adventure, life-is-an-adventurous-ride, life-plan, overcoming-adversity, overcoming-obstacles, self-pity-quotes “It's not always easy to admit that we can step out of the Lord's will when we want our own way.

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Generally, this is referred to as illustrating that you've "overcome" the obstacle, though that term is both too broad and too narrow in terms of what you need to write about.It's as though everything you do is multiplied by 50 in order to surpass those with a head-start.I was never capable of slacking when at the threshold of failure.” ― tags: awareness, challenges, collaboration, discovery, innovation, innovation-quotes, innovations, innovative, life-and-living, life-lessons, life-philosophy, light, light-of-awareness, light-of-knowledge, light-of-soul, light-of-the-spirit, love-to-swim, overcome, overcoming-adversity, overcoming-challenges, overcoming-challenges-quotes, overcoming-obstacles, preparation, swim, swim-upstream, swimming, truth, truth-of-life “The tests we face in life's journey are not to reveal our weaknesses but to help us discover our inner strengths.Yet, these are teachable moments to grow our faith in the dark. OK, back on the wagon here with writing on the blog (sorry, things get hectic with the start of the school year). Oh yes, I think in our last Boot Camp we discussed obstacles versus disappointments, and why it's important to know the difference before deciding to incorporate either into your essay.If it has had a significant impact on your development as a person, then you may want to.But please remember that you never need to be defined by these things, and if you would rather choose to omit any mention of obstacles you have encountered and focus on other aspects of your life or things that are important to you, you should do so—there's nothing about an obstacle that is inherently more compelling than a neutral personal experience, or an intellectual idea, or a professional experience (to name a few other potential essay topics).My colleague, Dean Zearfoss from the University of Michigan, writing about confusing personal statements, wrote (presumably about an applicant who had tried an OO essay), I recently wrote this note on a comment sheet: "Tenacious good, or tenacious crazy?" I.e., is the applicant tenacious in the way of overcoming obstacles, pushing onward in the face of adversity, demonstrating resilience, or tenacious in the way of not perceiving when an endeavor is wholly futile, perhaps repeatedly failing to accurately assess situations?For example, I remember an application from a woman who noted in her essay that she came to the U. She didn't belabor that point, though, and went on to discuss the new opportunities she found in the U.S., how she developed an interest in a particular area of law, etc. She did, however, score a 174 or something insane on her LSATs.


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