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Notice that reorganizing the workflow should be a one-time event.

Notice that reorganizing the workflow should be a one-time event.

If you want to include this in the operational plan, you would have to define who would conduct the study and how much it would cost.

Based upon the findings of the study, it might be necessary to reorganize the production area.

This diagram shows three levels of planning: Let's summarize the characteristics of an operational plan.

First, it assumes that upper management has prepared both a strategic plan and a tactical plan.

Second, the operational plan is limited to only one part of the organization.

For example, a large corporation (strategic plan) has a manufacturing division (tactical plan) that produces products A, B and C.Each product is manufactured in a separate plant run by a plant manager who prepares a separate operational plan.Operational plans can be subdivided into two categories: Congratulations, you have just been appointed plant manager for product C!First, he wants to cut costs by ten percent over the next year.Next, he also wants to avoid layoffs and to increase production by three percent.Installation and operator training would add more costs to the project. Notice that the decision not to replace workers who retire or quit requires no additional resources.However, details about such things as restructured work assignments, labor contracts and personnel procedures may require written policy changes. In short, operational plans turn ideas into detailed action plans specifying who, what, when, where and any costs involved.This means that lower management should have a clear sense of what they are trying to achieve.They just have to come up with a detailed plan to make it happen!You could accomplish these things as you review the above topics: Did you know…We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.


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