Osu Thesis Bond Paper

Osu Thesis Bond Paper-22
Oklahoma State University Except for those materials which are supplied by different departments of the University (ex.

The three parts of the title page are the title, author's full name, and a submission statement.

Margins for the title page should be two inches at the top, bottom, and right side of the page, and two and one-half inches for the left side of the page.

The Preface (or Acknowledgments), normally written after the completed thesis, explains information the reader needs to know for a clear understanding of the thesis.

It may include such matters as subject, purpose, and/or scope of the thesis; acknowledgments recognizing adviser's assistance as well as that of other faculty and staff; special contributions (family, librarians, correspondents, research foundations, etc.); financial support (grants, awards, etc.).

The construction of stories about identity, origins, history and community is central in the process of national identity formation: to mould a national identity – a sense of unity with others belonging to the same nation – it is necessary to have an understanding of oneself as located in a temporally extended narrative which can be remembered and recalled.

Amid the “memory boom” of recent decades, “memory” is used to cover a variety of social practices, sometimes at the expense of the nuance and texture of history and politics.Because style varies from discipline to discipline, the writer is encouraged to follow the accepted style used in publications in his/her discipline.In the event the department does not have a suggested style to follow, sample pages are included in the Appendix.In all cases, never insert more lines than there will be signatures.Side margins are two and one-half inches on the left and two inches on the right.Place all material three spaces to the right of the physical center (approximately four and one-half inches from the left edge of the page) so that the title page will be properly centered following binding.Submission Statement: The Submission Statement indicates that the work is submitted to partially fulfill degree requirements.The Nomenclature includes abbreviations and terms found in the thesis that the writer uses frequently and does not define at each usage.The List of Symbols includes all special symbols used in the thesis that the writer does not define at each usage.The author is responsible for coordinating all titles and numbers on the List of Figures with those in the thesis.The Nomenclature and/or List of Symbols (if applicable) follow(s) the List of Figures.


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