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Roderigo goads Barbantio with news that Othello and Desdemona have eloped.First pointing out Othello's 'thick lips' (I.i.66) he pleads to Barbantio, to save his daughter from 'the gross clasps of a lascivious Moor''' (I.i.137).

Roderigo goads Barbantio with news that Othello and Desdemona have eloped.First pointing out Othello's 'thick lips' (I.i.66) he pleads to Barbantio, to save his daughter from 'the gross clasps of a lascivious Moor''' (I.i.137).

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'Heathen customs, sexual orgies and cannibalism..associated with blackness in the Elizabethan mind, a color that, in turn, suggested negation, dirt, sin and death' (Vaughan, 52).

Dark skin was associated with satanic inclinations and perverse sexuality. The racial tensions of England in the early sixteen hundreds is clearly reflected in Othello as the chief issue, some would argue.

The motif of racial prejudice cannot go ignored in Othello.

It would be difficult to imagine that the crowds that gathered to watch were neutral to the topic of race given the historical context.

Bold Othello also appears nothing but confident in the faithfulness of his wife as the play begins; the same kind of confidence he shows in military conquest.

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When Desdemona's father warns Othello that since she deceived her father in marrying him, she may also deceive him too.Desdemona, then exists as a poignant statement against the masculine principle and patriarchy.Even Iago's diabolically convincing words could not have replaced Othello's loyalty and faith in his beloved Desdemona.There is something much deeper at play: Othello is insecure in his masculinity which is shallowly based in the male principle of the age.The result of which makes Iago's poisonous words believable and brings Othello to uxoricide.Othello is repeatedly characterized by the nature of his skin.In the first scene of Othello Iago hisses to Barbantio, Desdemona's father, that ' an old black ram/ Is tupping your white ewe (I.i. Continuing, Iago calls Othello a 'Barbary Horse' (I.i.122).Othello responds 'my life upon her faith.' He places his complete credence in his wife's faithfulness at the same value of his own life.Yet, throughout the course of the play, one observes how Othello's seeming confidence is actually veiled insecurity.Barbantio's racist and xenophobic attitudes are ignited by Iago and Roderigo's slander.He too is infected with the age's xenophobia and racism for he cannot make sense of his daughters decision to marry Othello except if there was dark magic involved.


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