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It also files a Schedule K-1 for each partner, allocating a share of each item of income, deductions, etc.according to the terms of the partnership agreement.There may be reasons arguing against including a spouse as a partner; for example, if you transfer title to your personal assets into your spouse's name to protect your personal property in the event the partnership is sued, the spouse cannot have any involvement in the partnership business whatsoever, according to Ennico.

As a business partner, you need to be prepared to devote time, use business methods, and get set up properly so you can make more money, minimize taxes, and generally avoid potential problems.

Instead, they can file a single Schedule C (the form used by sole proprietors) to report their share of business income and expenses.

Dig Deeper: How to Reduce Your Small Business Tax Bill Structuring a Business Partnership: Other Details Weltman says to make sure to deal with various other business matters before your partnership begins operations: Structuring a Business Partnership: Writing the Partnership Agreement General partnerships can be informal, oral arrangements to share profits and losses of a business venture.

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In the eyes of the law, by the very nature of entering into business with another party, you may be considered a partnership -- whether you have a written agreement or not. has been growing steadily by an annual rate of about 5.6 percent a year to more than 3 million in 2007, according to the most recent records reported by the U. With that much money at stake, it's important for partnerships to spell out what each person contributes, whether in terms of financing, property, labor or customers, and what each person expects in terms of profits and ownership.


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