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Perfect for use at school or in the home, our Children’s Stationery comes in a range of bright and colourful motifs and fonts.

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Shepherd advises not spending a fortune on your stationery.

It may deter you from actually using it if you’re hesitant that a situation warrants something so fancy.

Adrian Gilling, associate creative director at Zero Studios, calls the brand “a staple that’s spanned generations,” and says, “I’m always confident they’ll have what I need to make a great impression.” Sarah Schwartz, editor-in-chief of magazine and editor at the Paper Chronicles, likes their flat, ecru correspondence cards, which she finds to have the right mix of the traditional and the casual.

“If you think about how it’s going to look in the mail, it’s going to be smaller than a business envelope but bigger than a traditional card so it just kind of stands out,” she says.In an age of texts, Slacks, and Whats Apps, a handwritten note on nice paper has a special permanence.For situations that require sitting down and writing a letter or a thank-you, decent-looking stationery can go a long way.“It’s distinctive yet not showy.” , agrees that “you never can go wrong picking out something from Crane,” but that doesn’t mean the stationery has to feel stiff.Schwartz notes that Crane is under new ownership as of last year and says, “They’re sort of reinvigorating their brand.They are a truly personal way to thank your friends and family.Our vibrant Notepads are great for jotting down ideas or doodles. Make your child’s Birthday Invite something a little special, with our range of build-your-own templates you are sure to stand out from the crowd. Our hand-lined Envelopes are a great way to present your stationery, with an abundance of colours to choose from they can complement your order and give it that extra something.One of her favorite artists on the site is Erika Firm, who Schwartz says “does a lot of really great hand illustrations.” This abstract print is muted enough to not dominate the card while still being interesting.The Stationery Box brings you a dedicated website that allows you to easily design and buy a range of social stationery online.With a range of beautiful motifs and monograms there’s something to suit every child in this range. Personalised Writing Paper adds a special touch to your correspondence.A Thank You Card is always appreciated, so why not design bespoke cards you can use time and again.


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