Persuasive Essay Against School Uniforms

Persuasive Essay Against School Uniforms-60
According to a study of more than 4,500 students, those who wore a school uniform did not have fewer behavior problems or better attendance.Forcing students to wear uniforms lead to more problems and misbehavior instead of encouraging discipline.

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It is not a secret that children are much more artistic than most adults; besides, in high school, teenagers often experience an increased need to be unique and special.

The clothes one wears is one of the most available means of self-expression, and school uniforms do not allow students to demonstrate their individuality.

Students could get into trouble if they did not wear their uniforms correctly.

Many kids in today’s society cannot stand the thought of someone telling them what to do, especially what to wear.

Research shows that students who were forced to wear school uniforms were more likely to use makeup earlier than their peers, and later, to use more extreme accessories to alter their fashion (short skirts, mohawks, piercing, and so on) (Wise GEEK).

Another serious reason not to make students wear uniforms is when children look different and express different outlooks, it encourages them to be tolerant to those who differ from them, and to accept alternative lifestyles (

Not only uniforms don’t earn schools the respect from its students, but it may also lead to more problems.

Some critics say that school uniforms increase the amount of clothing that parents have to buy for their children, meaning that they would have to spend more money.

Instead of encouraging respect, uniforms may cause rebellions.

For example, in 2009, a group of students at John A.


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