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By using tax revenue and a complicated government bureaucracy to subsidize low-wage employers and supplement minimum-wage salaries.

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What is sometimes understated is the likelihood of low-wage jobs being automated, a real and growing threat.The most common objection to raising the minimum wage is that it destroys jobs.But a slew of recent studies have pointed out that although raising the minimum wage does increase earnings and reduce poverty, it has a limited, almost negligible, effect on employment.By allowing the minimum wage to remain at a nearly unlivable level, we have deemed certain jobs not worthy enough to meet even our country’s minimum standard of living.How have we been able to keep wages so low without significant social discord?But if a small growth in the minimum wage is enough to move an industry to automation, it is likely that automation was coming in short order anyway.Technological progress is inevitable and further automation unavoidable.Finally, critics of raising the minimum wage often suggest raising the earned income tax credit instead.But that would simply perpetuate the cycle of devaluing work.Beyond efficiency, there is also the matter of human dignity.Think about it: After a long day on the clock, you come home knowing that despite your hard work, you can’t feed your family, cover their medical insurance or pay your rent without government support.


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