Persuasive Essay Organizational Patterns

Lack of Quantitative Skills of Professional Artists Lurking behind the inept graphic is a lack of judgment about quantitative evidence.Nearly all those who produce graphics for mass publication are trained exclusively in the fine arts and have had little experience with the analysis of data.Why do the world’s major newspapers and magazines publish them?

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In the problem-cause-solution pattern, you might describe why diabetes is a serious health problem and the known causes of diabetes, such as diet, genetics, biochemical processes, and obesity.

Your proposed solution for preventing diabetes or mitigating its effects would then be based on what you know about these causes.

The introduction generally needs to: You are likely already familiar with the basic outline format, which uses Roman numerals for the introduction, body (main points), and conclusion, and letters and numbers for subpoints and supporting facts.

If you have the basic format down, you’ll then want to then master the differences specific to the type of informative outline you’re writing.

His solution, to include content and statistical experts in designing graphics, is evaluated throughout the chapter.

Persuasive Essay Organizational Patterns

He uses descriptions and examples of graphical distortion, integrity, and sophistication to support his conclusion.

The problem-cause-solution pattern reflects a form of critical thinking that tends to be more argumentative and evaluative.

You may find this pattern useful in writing case studies, critiques, introductions, reports of scientific investigations, literary reviews, political and social discourse, white papers, proposals, many kinds of reports, and essay examinations.

For example, a speech outline may include a notation about visual aids you are using or when to emphasize using gestures or pauses, which would not be necessary in an informative essay outline.

According to this writing guide from Colorado State University, the main point of an informative speech is “to provide interesting, useful, and unique information to your audience.” Within that framework, there are still different types of informative speeches.


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