Phd Thesis Critical Discourse Analysis

Phd Thesis Critical Discourse Analysis-14
Ekman is also studying politicians' strategic use of social media, with a focus on the changing communicative dynamics between journalism and politics. Göran Eriksson Göran Eriksson’s research centres how food, cooking and meal experiences are communicated in different media contexts, but is also concerned with how authorities communicate advice related to healthy eating.

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Discourses for and against ‘Traveller ethnicity’ are assessed as being significant beyond the representational level.

They are regarded as contributing to dialectically constitute Travellers’ ways of being, representing and acting.

Research conducted within the group of Discourse, Communication & Media (DCM) falls within two, often overlapping areas.

The first is Critical Discourse Studies (CDS), which we conduct in an empirically driven way by looking critically at the role of language and communication in contemporary social change and its displays within politics, media, organizations and wider culture.

Putting Traveller activists centre-stage, their discourses for and against ‘Traveller ethnicity’ are examined and assessed against one another and their potential implications for Traveller politics, policies and identities are pointed out.

Contending discourses are historically contextualised as the product of specific structural, material and discursive configurations of power and socio-economic relations within Irish society.Overall, ‘Traveller ethnicity’ appears to constitute an enduring source of dilemmas for the Travelling community.These revolve around the contradictory potential of ethnicity claims-making —both its perils and advantages— and its status as a potent political strategic resource that can both challenge and reinforce existing power relations, policies and identities.This dissertation assesses from an under-explored angle the enduring contention over Travellers’ ethnic recognition in the Republic of Ireland, particularly over the last decade.The novelty of this study concerns not only its specific focus on and engagement with the debate on ‘Traveller ethnicity’ among Traveller activists.A central question is how communication about food and cooking is related to social representations of collective identities and discourses in society.The focus is on language use and meaning making in text and images.It also pertains to the examination of Travellers’ arguments for and against ethnicity in light of critical theorisations as well as insights from identity politics.Furthermore, the adoption of a Critical Discourse Analytical framework offers new perspectives to this controversy and its potential implications.Andersson's research is based on qualitative methods and critical discourse analysis.Petre Breazu Petre Breazu is currently a Ph D candidate in Media and Communication.


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