Political Party Preference Essay

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Recent political upheavals have reinvigorated a long-running debate about the role of identity in American politics—and especially American elections.

Electoral politics have long been a lagging indicator of social change.

Isolated cruelties are yoked into a powerful narrative of marginalization that spurs a common cause.

These changes have encouraged activists and political challengers to make demands with a high level of specificity—to take the identities that dominant groups have used to oppress them and convert them into tools of democratic justice.

Yet just a few years ago democracy looked as though it would dominate the world.

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In the second half of the 20th century, democracies had taken root in the most difficult circumstances possible—in Germany, which had been traumatised by Nazism, in India, which had the world’s largest population of poor people, and, in the 1990s, in South Africa, which had been disfigured by apartheid.

The new regime stumbles, the economy flounders and the country finds itself in a state at least as bad as it was before.

This is what happened in much of the Arab spring, and also in Ukraine’s Orange revolution a decade ago.

During the 19th century monarchists fought a prolonged rearguard action against democratic forces.

In the first half of the 20th century nascent democracies collapsed in Germany, Spain and Italy.


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