Pope An Essay On Man Summary

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Pope's edits and explanatory notes were notoriously capricious (impulsive and not scholarly).

His edition was attacked by Lewis Theobald in Shakespeare Restored (1726), a work that revealed a superior knowledge of editorial technique.

The Rape of the Lock (1712) immediately made Pope famous as a poet.

It was a long humorous poem in the classical style (likeness to ancient Greek and Roman writing).

Pope undertook the translation of Homer's Iliad because he needed money.

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The interest earned from his father's annuities (money from investments) had dropped sharply. It was a great financial success, making Pope independent of the customary forms of literary patronage (support from wealthy people), and it was highly praised by critics.

It was Pope's name, however, that sold the work, and he naturally received the lion's share (biggest part) of the profits. Parnell's Poems (1721) was followed by an edition of the late Duke of Buckingham's Works (1723).

Then, in 1725, Pope's six volumes on the works of William Shakespeare (1564–1616) were published.

He also asserted that the discordant (not harmonious) parts of life are bound harmoniously together.

) He also wrote many "epistles" (letters to friends) and defenses of his use of personal and political satire. He described his life as a "long disease," and asthma increased his sufferings in his later years.


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