Prejudice Essays To Kill A Mockingbird

Prejudice Essays To Kill A Mockingbird-51
Scout is surprised when Walter and Atticus ‘’talked together like two grown men’’ as she believed that as Walter is from the Cunninghams, who were of lower class than the Finch’s, therefore he would be unable to have an intelligent conversation.

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I ran along, wondering what had come over her.’’ Scout is surprised at this as Calpurnia had never openly expressed her concern for Scout’s wellbeing previously and always seemed to be harsh on her; however this was proven to just be a facade.

Scout overall was too caught up in the tunnel vision of her own perspective that she was not able to see that Calpurnia was hard on her because she cares about her.

Secondly, in the book racial prejudice is dealt with on a daily basis, and is distinctly brought upon Negros.

To illustrate, in the book people of Maycomb show racial prejudice when they take the word of a smelly, no good, dirty whit woman over a sweet, good, wholesome Negro.

Scout at first sees Calpurnia less as a human being and more as a force of nature that she runs up against often.

Scout thinks that Calpurnia wins their arguments due to the fact that she has Atticus on her side and also that she is too stubborn to admit defeat, “Our battles were epic and one-sided.

Scout immediately stereotypes the woman according to her dress sense and style assuming that she would be kind and sweet as she ‘’looked and smelled like a peppermint drop’’.

However Scout later learns that Miss Caroline is a stern teacher and abides strictly by the rules.

(79) For further proof, in To Kill a Mockingbird the men of Maycomb talk of how women should not participate in the court system because this may cause a confrontation with some crazy convict.

(221) I think that gender prejudice is a important topic of the book because the girls in the examples above are being restricted from things that society doesn’t want them to do and they cant do anything about it.


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