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In addition, I assure you of my active participation in extracurricular activities such as art, craft, dance, and drama during my tenure as a preschool teacher.

In addition to my experience as a Pre-K teacher, I have also worked at multiple summer camps where I developed art and language programs for children between ages 9 and 12.

Even though those children were older than the students I will be working with at your school, my experience there does prove my ability to design and deliver a wide-range of programs.

He needs to have strong observational skills and quick decision making qualities.

He is responsible to ensure health, safety, and comfort of the child during his school time.

To draft a job winning application, it is important to team up your resume with an equally impressive cover letter.

A cover letter is an introductory note that conveys the job seeker's interest in a job and makes the recruiter familiar with the profile of the candidate.More than studies, they concentrate on developing the qualities of communication, patience, leadership, and brotherhood.He teaches them basic manners and inculcates good values in his students in addition to the basic preschool curriculum.In addition to five years of experience at two Child Care Centers, I earned my Bachelor’s in Early Education at University of XXXXX with a minor in Child Psychology.I offer added value with my bilingual skills as I can help teach young children a second-language at the point in their lives when learning a second language is easiest.At those camps, I was also charged with ensuring any children with special nutritional needs received a proper diet, including preventing allergic reactions and meeting religious restrictions.I am skilled at relating and communicating with parents of varying backgrounds and believe I would be an asset to your school.Thus, recruiters short-list those candidates who are alert, responsible and have acute reaction time.Date: 19th October, 2011 From Renee George Denver, CL To Mary Jane Claus HR Manager - Recruitment Timberlake Pre-school Denver, CL Subject : Application for the post of Preschool Teacher Reference: Vacancy Advertisement posted on on 18th October, 2011 Dear Ms Claus, It gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself and put forth my candidature for the post of preschool teacher in your esteemed organization.With warm regards, Renee George We have drafted this preschool teacher cover letter example in standard cover letter format.We hope we have succeeded in drafting an impressive cover letter to go with your resume.


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