Problem Solution Essay Animal Extinction

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So when you’re out and about, slow down and keep an eye out for wildlife. Never buy furniture made from wood from rainforests.

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Support wildlife habitat and open space protection in your community.

When you are buying a house, consider your impact on wildlife habitat.

The first step to protecting endangered species is learning about how interesting and important they are.

Teach your friends and family about the wonderful wildlife, birds, fish and plants that live near you.

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To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.Reduce your use of water in your home and garden so that animals that live in or near water can have a better chance of survival.Disinfect bird baths often to avoid disease transmission. Millions of birds die every year because of collisions with windows.Also, be careful of products including fur from tigers, polar bears, sea otters and other endangered wildlife, crocodile skin, live monkeys or apes, most live birds including parrots, macaws, cockatoos and finches, some live snakes, turtles and lizards, some orchids, cacti and cycads, medicinal products made from rhinos, tiger or Asiatic black bear. Don’t participate in this activity, and report it as soon as you see it to your local state or federal wildlife enforcement office. Perhaps the greatest threat that faces many species is the widespread destruction of habitat.You can find a list of state wildlife departments at https://gov/offices/ Scientists tell us the best way to protect endangered species is to protect the special places where they live.Attracting native insects like bees and butterflies can help pollinate your plants.The spread of non-native species has greatly impacted native populations around the world.Wildlife must have places to find food, shelter and raise their young.Logging, oil and gas drilling, over-grazing and development all result habitat destruction.Invasive species compete with native species for resources and habitat.They can even prey on native species directly, forcing native species towards extinction.


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