Problem Solving Management

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See also the free SWOT analysis template and examples, and PEST analysis template, which help decision-making and problem-solving.

SWOT analysis helps assess the strength of a company, a business proposition or idea; PEST analysis helps to assess the potential and suitability of a market.

'Pros and cons' and 'weighted' decision-making methods1.3.1. Problem-solving often involves decision-making, and decision-making is especially important for management and leadership.

Complex problems and decisions - tips Problem solving and decision-making are important skills for business and life.

In any case, factors/options can be weighted and scored appropriately.

Problem Solving Management

The 'pros and cons' method can be used especially for two-option problem-solving and decision-making issues where implications need to be understood and a decision has to be made in a measured objective sense.The same methodology can be used to compare a series of several options.For more complex situations, especially which entail many more rows and columns, it's sensible to use a spreadsheet.They get run down." (Aneurin Bevan)"In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." (attributed to Theodore Roosevelt - more maxims on the quotes page)There is often more than one good answers when you are faced with a complex decision.When you've found the best solution you can find, involve others in making it work, and it probably will.(More useful rules, acronyms and training ideas on the acronyms page.) A simple process for decision-making is to compile a 'weighted' scored , of 'pros and cons' list.Good decision-making requires a mixture of skills: creative development and identification of options, clarity of judgement, firmness of decision, and effective implementation.For group problem-solving and decision-making, or when a consensus is required, workshops help, within which you can incorporate these tools and process as appropriate.Using a 'weighted list' scoring method is especially useful in big organizational or business decisions, especially which involve lots of different strategic considerations (as in SWOT and PEST and Porter's Five Forces concept).In such situations you can assess different options according to a single set of criteria (the most important considerations), or you can allocate weighted/scored criteria differently to each option (examples of templates are below).Use the brainstorming process to identify and develop options for decision-making and problem-solving.If involving a group in the process then running a workshop is often a good approach.


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