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Stuart Pugh, professor and head of design at the University of Strathclyde, first created the decision matrix method to help in selecting design alternatives.

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"Then we are choosing between good, better and best.

That's the most powerful position to be in as a business leader." A decision matrix can help you not only make complex decisions, but also prioritize tasks, solve problems and craft arguments to defend a decision you've already made.

For example, if you are looking at pain points, be sure to word each issue so that it gets more points the worse it is, and vice versa when looking at benefits.

Multiply your original ratings by the weighted rankings to get a score, then add up all the factors under each option.

She listed the factors she finds important and assigned weights that reflect how important she considers each set of criteria to be.

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Rent is a factor, but she's decided that market share, which determines how likely she is to get customers, is the most important issue.

She noted that it removes the layer of intuition that is sometimes an essential factor.

"The [matrix] does remove some of the gut feelings that are often indicative of strong intuitions and can sometimes point to something valuable," said Devero.

For example, if you are choosing courses of action in business strategy or deciding between scenarios for a long-term career plan, Devero said a decision matrix can be a useful component, but she advised against relying solely on it.

When creating a decision matrix, Kurniawan said, it is important to start by understanding the problem and its implications.


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