Programming Language Thesis Implementation

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Modern programming languages like Java offer the programmer many advanced concepts: automatic memory management, dynamic class loading and linking, powerful type systems, and efficient just-in-time compilation.

Typically, such features are partly implemented by the language's compiler (checking whether a program is well-typed), partly by the runtime environment (collecting garbage, i.e., objects no longer reachable).

Programs that call a method, or lookup a variable or constant by dynamic name rather than literal syntax can be specialised for the dynamic name by generalising inline caches.

Debugging and introspective tooling is implemented by specialising the code for debug conditions such as the presence of a breakpoint or an attached tracing tool.

Specialising Dynamic Techniques for Implementing The Ruby Programming Language (PDF) The work in my thesis was implemented as Truffle Ruby.

Research papers, blog posts, videos, slides etc are listed on that project page.

Finalist, Ruby Prize, 2016 The Ruby programming language is dynamically typed, uses dynamic and late bound dispatch for all operators, method calls and many control structures, and provides extensive metaprogramming and introspective tooling functionality.

Unlike other languages where these features are available, in Ruby their use is not avoided and key parts of the Ruby ecosystem use them extensively, even for inner-loop operations.

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