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Adgully speaks to India’s leading brand nurturers and digital agencies to understand how they are leveraging the networking revolution.

Social Networking soon became a way for brand Marketing and promotion on social sphere, whereby, the enterprises started using these online communities or websites for developing contacts and driving traffic to their respective websites.

RQ2: What are the advantages for a marketer in using social media for its marketing and branding strategy?

RQ3: What is the current and future scope & viability of social media?

RQ4: What are the strategies used by companies for using social media in promoting their brands among the target customers?

This research study is contributing significantly in the studies of marketing and brand management where the researcher has provided some key facts about the current usage of social networking sites in brand promotion and marketing.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.Social networking sites such as Facebook (400 million users worldwide) and Orkut (100 million), or the micro-blogging site Twitter (which crossed 10 billion tweets recently) may offer engaging distractions to the average user.But the numbers add up to a dizzying truth for brands: social networking sites (SNS) and sites like Twitter are prodigiously fertile spaces to harvest ad business.This community was started when a female customer has posted its comment about the after sales services of Skoda and a person has picked this comment and posted it on social networking site (Muncaster, 2007).It is not only the corporate biggies who have used social networking sites as a medium to promote their brand but also a phenomena of retailing the designers label to increase the brand awareness among the target customers.It is essential to divide the complete research into sub sections or chapters to get the sequential understanding of every step taken by the research for completing the research.Therefore researcher has segregated the complete research into fiver chapters.Today, these social networking websites form the main tool of social media marketing.The most commonly used websites that have become drastically popular over last couple of years are Twitter and Facebook.


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