Proudest Day Of My Life Essay

Proudest Day Of My Life Essay-20
I don't think I've ever even had the courage to go out of my way to do a trivia or a quizup, so that's awesome man!

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Enough that you can be recognized out in the street? To be a topic of conversation and recognised for it is like triple that. When I was in Highschool everyone in the class had Laptops.

Naturally we were playing during lesson, especially during the more oblivious teachers's lessons.

” I looked around, but again the voice came, “How will you fulfill your innocent father’s dream? My small village with my family seems like a different world for me. My past was dark; it could never give me joy, instead it took away my present joyful moments. I did not want to blame him because it was not his fault. I completed my schooling from a normal school in the village. My father loved us very much, as we were his blood, his children. I also kept in mind the purpose that I came to Kathmandu. My mother had already told me that my father was regretting not fulfilling our desires. I picked another topic and began to talk about my life in the capital. I wanted to become a doctor,” because I already knew that he could not afford to pay my fee.

It was the fault of the alcohol which made him drunk. I wanted to know, why was there a huge gap between people? Would I ever be able to get an answer to this question? Even though he was responsible for the suffering of my poor mother, I never blamed him for this because it was written in my fate. I believe beside every wrong deed there is a reason. I knew I should not have forgiven him, but what to do? I joined college and started studying science on a scholarship. I could read his unspoken words through his unconfident and slow voice.

I hope you still pass your exams afterwards but in the meantime, nice work man!

Proudest Day Of My Life Essay

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We were like an artists and our life was like a film. I also wanted to go and I asked my father but, he denied me.

Everybody around us watched, laughed and some showed sympathy. I remained quiet and studied at a normal school in the village. Sometimes I cursed god for giving me such a life, but sometimes I gave thanks for that. Try for scholarship in medicine in our own country”. I don’t know up to which level I will reach, but I would never forget that I was an obedient daughter, I am an obedient daughter and I would always remain an obedient daughter of my parents.

I never did that because my wrong decision would affect my parents. Immediately, after completion of grade 12, I searched for scholarships at different universities.

Sometimes I felt I should have left home but my helpless, caring and loving parents never let me do so. My parents were illiterate and there was no role model for me.


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