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by Bhagyashree (Mumbai) Education Institutions have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed. In recent times, a lot of students couldn't pursue their career through their relevant field of study due to lack of proper guidance.

In this essay I would give my viewpoints on the significance of education Institutions handling this delicate issue.

However, many of them after completion of their secondary school, they opt for courses depending upon their fee paying capacity and not their caliber.

This situation have made thousands of students bury their dreams.

In conclusion, to have a good education system, the society and government must work as whole, because the future of society and progress of country is comparatively reflected by the success of students in their education.

Hello,when I was reading your essay, I noticed essentially two things that my humble knowledge of writing and grammar says they are not correct. I think you got a little bit out of what the prompt convey to discuss.To conclude, Education Institutions can make or break one's career.Its regarded a holy place for every student and any step taking by the Institute impacts the students life.So, providing the right guidance to its every students should be their prime focus, this can bring prosperity to the society as a whole.The topic is, measures to be taken by educational institutions to discourage students taking the subjects in which they are unlikely to succeed.Although the usage of vocabulary and grammar is good, the response is completely deviated from the Hasan mustafa (Brisbane, QLD, Australia ) Some people think only students who get the best academic results should be rewarded.I believe if you review some of the preparatory lessons here, it will help you a lot to develop correctly your answer.Secondly, I think you use too many commas where it is not needed or where it is not correct grammatically.Finally, the most debated point of recent time is to eradicate quota based admissions for minority sections of Society.Eventually, by doing this, most eligible student can get to study and not the one who enters through some quota.


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