Qualities Of A Good Husband Essay

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It all added up: two tickets minus two people who didn’t want to go plus two other people who did want to go equals four happy campers.

My math may not be that good, but you get the idea. The numbers don’t always add up; they are about the space between people, the back-and-forth flow, feeling the whole being of the other.

Since Portia cannot choose a husband for herself, for each must try his hand at choosing the correct box after deciphering a riddle, she has Nerissa remind her of the men and she will tell her the qualities that are good from each of them.

Unfortunately, Portia cannot find any good qualities in any suitor who is prepared to take his chance with the caskets; thus, we can only learn what Portia believes are good qualities for a husband through deductive reasoning. From him we learn that all he talks about is his horse and brags how he can shoe it himself.

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Rahmo mohamud Assignment 12 December 15,2014 Future Husband Since we are human being ,we need partner who can support us in our emotional and physical difficulties .

As people, we have internal and external obstacles, and it is very important to have someone who have ability to understand our situation which needs encouragement and extra motivation.

That takes time, determination, an open heart, and a sensitive touch.

Oh, and by the way, on the day of the concert I was very busy and tired and glad to have an early evening.


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