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But in the end, everything boils down to the kind of relationship a parent shares with the child – the better the relationship, the better the upbringing can be.So, how can you strengthen the parent-child relationship?

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Neither parent functions as a confidant or a guide for Romeo.

He shares neither the source of his sorrow nor the source of his joy with them.

It also affects the strength of their social, physical, mental and emotional health.[ Read: Parenting is a full-time job with perks and challenges that grow as the child grows.

Here, we take a look at the PCR at various stages: In the first six months, infants mostly cry, eat, sleep, pee, and poop. When the parent feeds him, the baby’s needs are met and he is happy.

My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself / Because it is an enemy to thee" (2.2)The fact that Romeo is so willing to give up his "good name" is pretty telling of his relationship with his parents.

They have not given him much reason, in his opinion, to value his family ties.So Montague is caring but incapable of bridging the distance between himself and his son, even with assistance.Lady Montague appears even more disconnected than her husband.Here, Mom Junction tells you what a parent-child relationship is, its importance, and some tips on strengthening the bond between the child and the parent.A parent-child relationship (PCR) is one that nurtures the physical, emotional, and social development of the child.He does not consider going to them for advice, but instead shares his troubles with the friar and Benvolio, neither of whom give him particularly good counsel.What we know about the Montagues and their son must largely be surmised from Romeo's actions.Romeo has a fairly typical relationship with his parents.If you look at the beginning of the play, Lady Montague wants to know where Romeo is, if his cousin has seen him that day...Again, she cares--she is pleased to hear that Romeo hasn't been fighting--but seems oblivious to the deeper problems Romeo has.In this, she appears to be even more removed from her son than her husband, for her concern seems misplaced (at least initially), for Romeo is more of a lover than a fighter.


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