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It is based on the senses of a human which are thought to be the most basic, primitive and even reflexive: these observations lead to results that are not based on desire, will and feelings.Observations are informative with regard to the relationship, and the properties of certain existing real phenomena, objects.Read what is a dissertation research methodology and select the techniques that are the most suitable for you and which are also relative to your actual subject matter; this part is often very difficult and time-consuming for undergraduates, and they are often on the lookout for volunteers to write or help with this particular chapter for them.

It is important to understand that research methodology in dissertation that was factually used should be mentioned and detailed both clearly and precisely.

Do not write about techniques you did not actively use; do not use samples or proofs of other people and their work as this template could be incorrect as well as perhaps showing a lack of originality / individualism.

You should write as much as you can but stay focused on the subject matter: the length is up to you; try to describe all the methods you adopted and that will be enough.

Decide for yourself but you do need to recognise the fact that two or three techniques are not sufficient for writing a serious thesis paper.

Empirical techniques allow us to investigate the practical side and the results that are reached.

On a basis of these techniques specific facts are collected and tabulated, phenomena can then be identified and described.

There are two main research types and three main types of research analysis.

These are, respectively, primary and secondary research, and quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research analysis methods.

By design, theoretical techniques are abstract and generalized.

They account for the systemization of factual material.


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