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Our writers have their own dedicated email thread with their respective clients, but our site also has its own support staff.

People who have questions about the site, and about the capabilities of the site, can contact them.

The essay writing sites all work hard to ensure that their work is original and custom for each client; there is no reason to suspect that a revision is handled any differently.

Each writer will do individual research and writing to ensure that their clients get fresh work.

Using it for editing and proofreading is not illegal, since editors are a definitive service used by many people.

Some institutions say that to use an essay writing service is illegal, or should be illegal, because students are committing plagiarism.We employ people who are highly skilled, and can handle all aspects of the writing process, our writers are dependable and can provide a very high quality of work; this ensures their reputation within their potential client pool.Our essay services offer all types of services over and above custom writing.Many people have problems with writing, since that skill is not specifically taught within education in many cases.Many more people have problems with formatting, since they need to remember an entire style for each different citation style.Citation styles include unique bibliographical styles, different ways to cite quotes in the essay (for extra points, sometimes people use different quote formats in the same citation style! Essay revisions are quite common when writing - nobody who needs to do revisions should be ashamed of that.Most people find that they have one or two areas in essay writing where they need help; hardly anybody is good at every single aspect of writing this type of work.To get some help, simply get in touch with us to place an order or use our user-friendly order form.If you have any questions or concerns, then get in touch with the support staff in general to ask them questions; they are very knowledgeable, and will help you with what you need to know.There are consultancies, editing and proofreading, formatting, and revisions.All of these can play a part in the eventual writing process.


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