River Huck Finn Essay

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In Chapter 19, we continue to view exactly why Huck felt the river was so peaceful through the various descriptions offered about by the author.The author in this chapter seems to make his words flow like a river and generally captivate the audience to a point in which they feel the calmness of the river as well.

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We actually see Huck grow up having the river as a place for solitude and thought, where he can participate at times and other times sit back and watch.

The ideas of nature, peace, and freedom, are presented in the form of the river where Huck and Jim go to think.

Before investigating exactly the roles that the river played in this section of the novel, I decided to actually get a dictionary definition of river before continuing.

However, I believe this may sound very simply but it may indeed clear up controversies or confusions found later on in the presentation.

As stated in the quotation, the river was a home where Jim and Huck could relax, feel comfortable, and generally be at ease.

This was very easy to comprehend as a reader but to envision a home as the river or even a raft on a river does not necessarily coincide with ideals of a picturesque home.

The last and most prominent example of the river symbolizing peace, calmness, and freedom was the ability of Huck and Jim to when they wanted lit the pipes, and dangle their legs in the water and talk about all kinds of things.

The most surprising aspect was when Huck stated that we was always naked, day and night.

When reading this part of the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I found that Huck and Jim were set in a period of society that was or can be labeled as somewhat hypocritical, judgmental, and hostile.

However, the characters have one escape that being the Mississippi River.


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