Robert Gray Essay

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It is clear that uncovering the essence of oneself through experiences is a core theme in Grays “Diptych”.

It begins with memories of his mother however is directly referring to the acceptance of his father.

His relationship with his father is also represented in the poem.

However, he felt quite distant with his father until the end in which he states that he has never felt closer to him.

Grey uses the thought of the diptych ( the two panels joined together by a flexible joint or clasp and linked through a common thought or subject ) as the inspiration for the signifier.

The consequence of this is to show the portrayals of both his parents individually and to compare and contrast his feelings towards both of them.

as opposed to the other character that lone thinks of the yesteryear because they are looking with fright into the hereafter.

both verse forms still illustrate that finds can be made through retrospect. Gray ( the talker ) is reminiscing about his childhood and his parents.

The first words of his verse form “My mother” uses a genitive pronoun and initial rhyme to bespeak the personal degree that this verse form operates on.

Gray intends this to make a connexion to his audience and himself.


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