Role Of Music In Society Essay

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They do empathise that the issue of negative lyrics needs to be taken more seriously than in the past.

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By understanding the values of the composer in an educational way these issues can be addressed with discussion and debate. Nagayama Hall of Kent State University published an article to determine the psychology behind the effect of music called ‘The Influence of Misogynous Rap Music on Sexual Aggression Against Women’ 1995.

They determine that the influence of the music is obvious but long lasting effects are difficult to understand.

It is a fair assumption that music communicates with us directly and can influence us in the course of our lives.

This can be further assumed that its effect on society as a whole is the same.

Listening to upbeat and energetic music can help you get out of a sad mood.

When people are feeling down, they usually listen to slow and moving music because they feel as though they can relate.Music plays a huge role within everyday society, from the advertising campaigns of corporate businesses, to live performances.The understanding of the power music holds is vastly recognised and utilised to cause affect to an audience.Bands like Rage Against the Machine and Tool have risen to the level of a political force by betraying their views on political situations in their music.“It is by no coincidence that The Dead, Jay-Z, and Bruce Springiness all held concerts for President-elect Barack Obama, before he was elected” (Teeter Jones).The music of the present defines the current status of the social collective.This statement is defined by the control of music that Plato suggests.Music can easily alter your feelings, sway the views on an election, and influence people’s behavior through religion.Music is an incredibly powerful tool like a toothbrush when brushing your teeth.The Effect of Different Music on Society To most people, music is seen as a by-product of society, but it is also an influence.Humans are influenced by their environment in many ways, including creativity.


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