Romeo And Juliet Conflict In Act 1 Scene 1 Essay

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The scene I will be discussing is important to the play as a whole as it includes conflict, love and tragedy.

Act 1 scene 1, is very similar to act 3 scene 1 in many ways.

It is then that Romeo realizes hat the consequences of his love affair.

Mercuric was right in his predictions the love between Romeo and Juliet resulted in tragedy for both families In this act Romeo nonetheless did not want a quarrel between Mercuric and Table as he didn’t want the feud between the Caplet’s and the Montage’s to grow worse and did not want to see both Table and Mercuric wounded. Doth much excuse the appertaining regret such a greeting.

Romeo and his companions almost immediately encounter Juliet's cousin Tybalt, who challenges Romeo.

Romeo And Juliet Conflict In Act 1 Scene 1 Essay

When Romeo refuses to fight, Romeo’s friend Mercutio accepts the challenge and is killed. He spends that night with Juliet and then leaves for Mantua.

This adds tension to the rest of the play as the audience have acknowledged and remembered the princes' words, as well as the scenes before.

Within the scene tension is built as most things are repeated from the first scene, in which there is fight, light hearted banter is used to start the scene.

s and his friends, however his intense emotions for love goes out of control and was therefore wounded by Table out of pure rage.

Romeo in turn then kills Table which leads to exile and possible death.


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