Russia And World War 1 Essay

Unfortunately for the Russians, neither their government nor military were able to cope with the pressures of a modern war; moreover they lost both battles the one against their enemy and the one against themselves. The causes of this war have been debated by politicians and historians ever since.

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To summarise, Russia had many reasons to leave the war, or in fact never get involved.

But instead, they dragged out any remaining supplies for as long as possible because no-one had a decisive mind.

Britain had a huge empire and ruling this empire was its priority.

The key to Britain's power was India with its vast resources of manpower.

The German army prepared to attack France through Belgium, just as General Schlieffen had planned.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Britain was often described as being in 'Splendid Isolation' from the rest of Europe.The downside was that if the powers stuck blindly to their alliances, then a small-scale local dispute involving one power might drag the other powers in and turn into a major war.The experience of the early 1900s seemed to suggest this would not happen. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the trigger that set off the Great War.This in turn allowed one crisis to spiral out of control and spark off a war that killed millions.The war was fought between rival alliances of European powers: The advantage of these alliances was that it gave the great powers a sense of security.To start with, other European countries had rival empires.Belgium and France both had large empires in Africa.Before this time the Romanov family had successfully run the country for three hundred years, however they had not moved it forward in terms of economical development. Middle Lenin's plans were formulated in three words; 'Peace, Land and Bread'. In addition to the revolutions and riots there were strikes, protests and shortages, that which was most memorable was in Petrograd, October 1916, where rail workers went on strike and the army were sent to settle them down, but instead the soldiers joined in.This shows the attitudes of a multitude of people towards the ever diminishing government.While Russia was suffering at home they were still fighting a war.There were some early warning signs in battles early on.


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