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However, you have to expect to get exclusive perks for paying the price of a full retail game on top of the price of the game itself. The next thing you must do is log into your Battlelog on the official Battlefield 4 web page.There you will see “leaderboards” as one of the tabs at the top end of the page.

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The shield will protect players from small fire arms such as pistols but the user will take slight damage from explosives, vehicles and from weapons which shot high caliber rounds, such as snipers, before being rendered useless.

The Remote Assisted Weaponized Robot will also be a part of the DLC.

After the recent release of the Final Stand DLC for Dices Battlefield 4, a huge easter egg hunt took place, with several convoluted steps and many frustrated players. Maybe I am just being sceptical because I am yet to unlock said bow, but I do sort of feel that its place in this game is a bit odd.

It is a pretty powerful weapon that can deal a large amount of damage if close enough, and will guarantee a kill with a head shot.

There are set locations to each one, and luckily, the community of Battlefield 4 came together to help each other out with this seemingly impossible task.

If you are lucky, it won’t take long at all to find a tag.

This lethal little robot is armed with an LMG and four grenade launchers so we can expect this robot to cause a lot of mayhem and destruction.

Hey, do you like jumping through ever shrinking hoops of fire? This particular easter egg, however, brought about a lot more than just a dinosaurs roar, or a small reference to previous games. If you are a premium member, you qualify to unlock yourself a “Phantom Bow”; a bow and arrow, that’s right. May I remind you that Battlefield 4 is a modern game about 64 player war, with tanks… However, maybe I am not giving it the recognition it deserves.

Now, as I mentioned, it feels slightly out of place in a modern war game, but then it is an optional unlock that offers yet another choice of weapon for the vast range of play styles that players can adapt in BF4.

Not only that, but it is a viable stealth option for many players (despite the trail that the arrows leave behind them) as you will not show up on the mini map when firing the bow.


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