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After reading the short story “Salvation” by Langston Hughes and an excerpt from Black Boy by Richard Wright, it is apparent to the reader that both stories reflect how young African American males perceive church.

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[tags: Christianity, Religion, Salvation, Jesus] - From the definition of apocalyptic literate, which states that such literature is “a revelatory form which pertains to the end of reality and describes a new divine world with salvation for the few,” it might be easy to assume that apocalyptic texts can be pretty homogenous.

Certainly there are many similarities in apocalyptic texts-- prophets employ common motifs and themes and use similar language patterns, and of course, the central subject always involves some sort of end to the world.

Few Christians would say that unless one believes in Christ, he cannot be saved.

This is evident by the fact that there is not a resounding amen, or even a muted grunt in acquiescence, to the proposition that an infant or even a toddler, and certainly not an embryo that dies in the respective stages of its existence, all without explicit faith in Christ, would suffer the pains and pangs of eternal damnation.

It is faith that brought Abraham to acceptance with God, and that faith was expressed in obedience - obedence to leave Ur, obedience to sacrifice his son. How apt, then, that Abraham in his faith should be a pointer to Christians in their faith in Christ as their Savior, and thus their righteousness.

But, the content of faith for all of the characters and epochs of both Testaments was different, and as God revealed more of who He is and what He has done, faith itself was filled with new object and sometimes subtely and sometimes not so, changed, according to its object, and so their came "Christian Faith" changed to "fit" its object, Christ, and changed because of the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, was now penetrating and filling and vivifying faith in a way it could never be before.

The moral sense, fed and strengthened either directly or indirectly by Holy Scripture, wants "fairness" of God but the truth of their feelings that for God to consign the unbeliever to Hell, either making it happen or permitting it to happen, because he does not believe, that moral sense, must be disregarded, or treated as an attack of the Enemy, the Devil.

All this because of the basic misunderstanding of what Scripture does say on the subject of salvation, the way of salvation, the role of faith, and the Atonement of Christ on the Cross itself.

My faith, such as it was, was welded to the common realities of life, anchored in the sensations of my body and in what my mind could grasp, and nothing could ever shake this faith, and surely not my fear of an invisible power.” This quote states that Richard is forced to go to church (which we find out later on is due to his grandmother’s persistence) and could care less to be there because his view of faith had to do with the world around him as he perceives it, not because someone told him higher being’s existence controlled what will happen.

Richard’s grandmother however was persistent in instilling the belief of God in Richard so she would constantly warn him of his words of blasphemy.


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