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For now let’s look at the second body paragraph of this liar’s template. As we’ve already established, this SAT essay strategy produces guaranteed results, because it directly addresses both the common difficulties students have angle; the logical and the creative side; the scientific research combined with the keen author’s observations of human nature.

I like to lead with the scientific study to show “Hey, these logical thinkers have done research with real numbers and real science, and they agree with what I’m saying.” Then I follow up with “Not only that, but this great author, who is known for his penetrating intuition into human nature, has been saying the same exact thing for years in his popular books.” The grader is helplessly trapped in our amazingly-convincing web of made-up “facts” and has no choice but to give our essay a 10, 11, or even a perfect 12.

Go through some of them to see the types of essay prompts you will most likely encounter.

Try writing some of them following the SAT Tips For The Writing Section and SAT Tips: Essay. The prompts consists of two parts: The first part is a quote that relates to the assignment.

Add some a few early attempts before it will feel natural.

You need to try it on your own a couple times to really see the pattern that you’ll use no matter what prompt you’re writing about. You can master this method in under two hours if you’re willing to put in the work.Prompts for the essays will be vague statements, such as, “There has always been a great passion to bring about change,” or “Freedom is never free.” Because graders have only a few minutes per essay, you need to immediately impress the reader in a style that is almost as formulaic as the Pythagorean theorem.Because literature and history are so important to this essay and the topics are vague, remember four classic books and four wars/moments in history to use.They think and think and end up paralyzed by analysis. Simply use flat-out lies to make your SAT essay more powerful and convincing – which leads directly to a higher Writing score. Your second body paragraph will explain an imaginary book by an invented author that tells a “before and after” story about a single character who is grappling with the same issues as the In 1953, researchers at Princeton University conducted a study in which 1000 volunteers were broken down into groups of 500 each.On the other hand, I get plenty of students who don’t spend … The two groups performed [some task] under differing conditions: the first group [situation related to one side of the prompt] while the second group [situation related to the opposite side of the prompt]. At the end of the student, participants who [condition #1] were found to be far happier and more successful – on average, these 500 participants had higher salaries, larger, happier families, and a greater sense of personal fulfillment, as measured by self-reported studies.Conversely, the other 500 participants who [condition #2] were found to be struggling with issues such as unemployment, drug addiction, and poverty.Although the exact cause could not be determined with 100% certainty, the researchers theorized that [possible simple logical explanation for results].The Official SAT Study Guide by Collegeboard is highly recommended because it is published by the same organization that produces the SAT Tests.The following are based on the The Official SAT Study Guide.15 years later, a Harvard University professor conducted a similar study, with results that supported the original conclusion.Can you see how powerful this argument is, even with the specific details removed?


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