Save Birds Essay

Save Birds Essay-15
If you think a bird is truly an orphan, call a rehabilitator for instructions.

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Birds need a place to live and many bird habitats are disappearing.

City parks and open spaces are natural places for birds.

Shade coffee farms, which imitate native forests, have many more bird species than sun coffee farms.

Riding your bike or walking reduces your carbon footprint and prevents pollution of bird habitats.

The summer has been here for a while now and as India heats up, literally, we are all looking for ways to cool ourselves.

If the heat can bother us, why not animals and birds too?Purchase a Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp.It contributes to habitat which benefits all birds.Work with your community to recreate the habitat that once existed in your area.Birds need space for feeding, nesting, and other daily activities.Approaching too closely may cause them to become nervous and deplete much-needed energy reserves.During the nesting season, it may even result in loss of eggs or young to predators.This project aims to significantly reduce the number of birds injured due to use of manjha during the festive season in India.Thousands of manjha criss-cross the sky in India during festivals. In 2014, bird rescuers in a single city dealt with 300 manjha-related injuries in a month.Imagine how many birds you can help finish their migratory journey, have a successful nesting season, raise young, survive the winter, if you just....Collisions are one of the most frequent causes of bird deaths.


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