Saving Private Ryan Essay

This part of the movie lets the viewer know that Miller is a brave and smart soldier.

Captain Miller receives direct orders from the top of the Army to carry out a search for Private Ryan because he has lost three brothers in the war already.

Fourth and finally, there is the universal perspective of the soldier as one moral agent among many, including the soldiers on the other side.

The fourth perspective is the one we normally associate in the contemporary world with the word "morality." It is important to note, however, that each of the perspectives above is, or can be seen as, a moral or ethical framework.

An example is the scene in the church in which Wade, the medical corpsman in the unit, talks about waiting for his mother to come home from work.

Another is the scene in which Ryan talks to Miller about the last time he saw his brothers alive.

This mission has his men in complete turmoil and he handles everything so calmly and respectively.

Not any regular person could have accomplished what he did.

The Individual Perspective The perspective of the soldier as an individual might well be called the perspective of the soldier as a civilian.

(When I speak of the "individual" I do not mean that term in a narrow sense, one which prescinds from all family connections, but in a broad sense, which places the person in the context of his family and home.) The men in Captain Miller's unit identify themselves with their pre-military lives, with who they were "back home." We see this repeatedly in the film: they evoke the image of home to explain themselves to others.


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