Scaffolding Writing Assignments

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A teacher may choose to present the information over time in different modes.

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Not every student learns at the same pace as another student in a class, so teachers from every content area need to get creative in order to meet the needs of all students, some of whom may need just a little support or others who may need much more.

meaning "a prop, support," and instructional scaffolding may call to mind the kinds of wooden or steel supports one might see for workmen as they work around a building.

Instructional scaffolding increases opportunities for students to meet instructional objectives.

Such scaffolding may also include peer-teaching and cooperative learning which makes the classroom a welcome and collaborative learning space.

An example of this scaffolding in English class is the language preparation teachers may do before assigning .

Scaffolding Writing Assignments

They may prepare for the reading of Act I by providing the definition "to remove" so that students will understand the meaning of "doff" when Juliet speaks from her balcony, "Romeo, doff thy name; And for that name, which is no part of thee, Take all myself" (45-52).One of the most common scaffolding techniques is to provide the vocabulary for a passage before reading.Teachers may provide a review of the words that are most likely to give students trouble by using metaphors or graphics.Teachers can break up a concept or skill into its discrete steps while providing students the assistance necessary at each step.Scaffolding shares the same goals as differentiation as a way to improve student learning and understanding.In this technique, a teacher offers a simplified version of a lesson, assignment, or reading.After students are proficient at this level, a teacher may gradually increase a task's complexity, difficulty, or sophistication over time.Teachers may use multiple platforms that can communicate concepts visually, orally, and kinesthetically.For example, pictures, charts, videos, and all forms of audio can be scaffolding tools.Developing supports for multi-step problems can be time-consuming.Teachers have to know which scaffolds are appropriate for students, especially in communicating information. Finally, teachers have to be patient with some students who need longer periods of scaffolding as well as recognizing when to remove supports for other students.


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