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Highlight your unique attributes to search for more specific college scholarships.

Browse through our site or conduct a free scholarship search to see what awards you are eligible for, and start earning money for higher education.

Estimate how much college will cost using a college financial aid calculator.

Always start with a conservative number because some savings plans come with stipulations, where funds can only be used for college expenses.

Truthfully, the financial aid process is the most important step you will take in the college application process.

More than 0 billion is awarded each year to college-bound students.Eligibility guidelines for FAFSA are available online for a quick application and fast processing, starting January 1 of every year.FAFSA will answer the majority of your questions, determine how much funding you can receive, and what federal funding programs you qualify for.[...] College Board is ditching its previous plan to capture socioeconomic information from students with a single score - also known as an "adversity score" - when scoring their SAT college admissions test.The score would have taken into account a student's socioeconomic background and the neighborhood in which they grew up. Department of Education launched more than two dozen investigations into higher education institutions nationwide - including UC Berkeley, UCLA and USC as well as Yale, Princeton and Rice - which offer female-only scholarships, awards and professional development workshops.The optimal way to navigate the financial aid process is conducting thorough research. We update our site with the latest news on financial aid changes that affect how much you will receive from the government.Check out our links for updated financial aid news to determine what higher education institutions are doing to affect students’ financial aid packages.Research will help you understand financial aid information, and dispel popular misconceptions about the process.Many students believe they are either ineligible for scholarships, or that applying for scholarships is a waste of time.Always start out with the Free Application for Student Aid, known as FAFSA.Once your application is processed, you will know what federal assistance programs, grants, and loans you qualify for, and how much will have to be through private lending agencies.


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