Scientific Method Problem Solving Examples

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Students should be encouraged to problem-solve and not just perform step by step experiments.Lab Safety – illustration, identify good and bad procedures Lab Safety Guidelines – contract for students to sign that lists basic rules for the lab Controls and Variables – read experiment scenarios, identify controls Scientific Method in Action – reading passage shows how the scientific method was used to solve real world problems (beriberi and penicillin discovery) Manipulated and Responding Variables – science fair project stories, identify key parts of the experiment The Elephant Poem – contemplate the nature of observations The Martian and the Car – identify what makes something “alive” The Language of Science – prefixes and suffixes Debunking the Paranormal – investigate a “claim” from a scientific standpoint, critical thinking skills How Many Hands on a Horse – article with questions about measuring horses and the importance of standard units Scientific Method Scenarios – take a question and design an experiment to test the question, each group receives a different question and shares their design with the class Scientific Method and Causal Questions – examine a flow chart on variables that affect water evaporation Significant Figures – An activity that looks at uncertainty in measurements, comparing rulers with different values.We will take care of them, and for a reasonable price, as we understand that students usually don’t have a lot of money to spare.

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Scientific Method Experiments – a collection of short inquiry labs the focus on consumer science.

Students design and test their hypotheses Investigation: What Are the Processes of Science – students design an experiment about lung capacity; requires spirometers, AP Biology Sponge Capsules – quick lab using capsules and water (toys) to collect data on how fast the “animals” grow Sponge Animals: Growing Insects – this lab grows sponge animals, graphs and calculates the growth rate (slope of line) Plop Plop Fiz Fiz – measure the rate of dissolving in alka-seltzer tablets in both hot and cold water (a basic experiment for introducing the scientific method) Water in Living Things – investigate how much water is stored in grass clippings Gummi Bear Experiment – inquiry lab investigating the dissolving properties of gummi bears Mystery Eggs – students use the scientific method to guess how many nails are hidden inside plastic eggs Saving Sam – using paperclips rescue Sam, the gummy worm by putting a life preserver on him Observation – opener lab, using the senses to investigate hardware items, then describe items Pendulum Project – Inquiry based, experimental design and data analysis (physical science) Penny Lab – conduct an experiment on surface tension, water drops are added to a penny and compared with soapy water Carbon Dioxide Production – determine how activity changes the amount of CO2 expelled Making Slime – instructions for creating a polymer Measuring Lung Capacity – graphing and data gathering Measure a Bean – basic lab where students work with volume and mass, as well as common lab equipment Scientific Processes – Tools and Measurements – work with graduated cylinders and other tools to practice measuring (metric system) What is the Effect of Exercise on Heart Rate – aligned to NGSS, feedback mechanisms and homeostasis. Investigation: What Factors Effect the Heart Rate of Daphnia – expose a tiny crustacean to ethanol and gather data on its heart rate Using the Scientific Method – Plant Experiment – change variable such as soil type and addition of soap Can Crickets Tell the Temperature?

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Students organize their experiment, identify the controls and variables, collect data and draw conclusions.

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