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Here is a breakdown of the different scores you will receive.

Reading and Writing and Language: Command of Evidence, Words in Context Writing and Language: Expression of Ideas, Standard English Conventions Math: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math What Your SAT Scores Mean So you have all these new scores in addition to your composite, but what do they mean?

How to Read Your Score Report The biggest change to the SAT scoring is the scale.

No longer will the test be scored out of 2400 – the test will now use the 1600 scale – which used to be the standard before 2007.

A 2009 study demonstrated a steady and lengthy decline in the complexity of texts used at the secondary level, and College Board data on SAT scores verify that too few students are graduating from high school with the verbal skills required by college courses.

According to College Board surveys, postsecondary instructors consider textual analysis to be one of the most essential of college-level skills.

The time given for the essay has been doubled to 50 minutes, and the essay task is now focused on analysis of an argument rather than taking a position on an issue.

Students write a single essay based on a prompt that is largely consistent across all administrations of the SAT.

Previously, ¼ of a point was deducted for wrong answers, but now there’s no penalty for incorrect responses.

For those who are awaiting their scores, there are a few different components that will make up your score report.


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