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Later, when Internet became accessible for almost everyone, the criminals also started to use it for their own goals.The cyber security specialists and cyber criminals started the competition that can be compared with development of offensive weapons and defensive ones to withstand the attacks.“We hear about the need to lock a door time and again when there is violence in a school building,” says Michele Gay, who co-founded Safe and Sound Schools after she lost her daughter in the Sandy Hook shootings.

The digital security is a constantly changing field, but maybe, with some proper updating and modification, they will inspire you to make an awesome paper.

The manufactured barricades that some schools purchase aren’t fire code compliant—and while they keep a perpetrator out, they also bar those who would help from coming in.

Instead, locks easily engaged and disengaged from the inside of a classroom are recommended.

Every new gadget and software product becomes the target for cyber criminals sooner or later, so their manufacturers do everything that is possible to be one step ahead.

Almost everything we see in our daily life may need some of a cyber security.


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