Short Essay On N Independence Day

Short Essay On N Independence Day-22
Let’s see some very informative short essay on Independence Day or 15 august for school and kids today.

Independence Day | Independence Day Essay | Speech on Independence Day for Teachers | Independence Day Speech for Principal | Slogans on Independence Day | Paragraph on Independence Day | Facts about Independence Day of India | Independence Day Quotes | Essay on National Flag of India | Essay on National Festivals of India | Essay on Importance of Independence Day in India We have provided below short and long speech on Independence Day of India, in a simple and easy to grasp language. The celebration of Independence was marred by the formation of Dominion of Pakistan on 14 When half of India was rejoicing its independence, half of it was burning from communal riots.

Following Independence Day speech contain important points/facts about the Independence Day which will sure enhance your knowledge and expertise in the subject. This wasn’t something that our freedom fighters and political leaders could have imagined, while struggling for independence.

We celebrate our Independence Day on 1 5th August every year.

It is the day when we became independent from the foreign rule after a long and continuous struggle for freedom.

We are dependent on various gadget and equipment for our various work.

That time gone when we do some work from our hard work and do some effort for any work but now we become dependent on various thing.

So we should come out from these scenario and we should do some effort which makes us healthy, wealthy and wise. Hello my dear friends, respected teacher and our principal, This is our independence day and we are here for celebrating this day which is going to celebrated for the independence day of India in 1947.

This is the beautiful day for Indian history where we are very proud to say that we are now independent.

I just want to ask all of you a question that “are we really independence?

” you will amazed to hear this question but yes this is real question because we are become very dependent on various product which is not only exported but very cheap quality.


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