Short Essay On Search Engines

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Of course, it is quite possible that many Internet users, both young and old, do not consciously distinguish between the search engines they use and Web browsers that now also typically include search engines as a feature within their user interface.

But virtually all Internet users have come to expect and depend on the instantaneous results they receive in response to their various search queries.

Because search engines provide Internet users with access to important information by directing them to links to available online resources on a plethora of topics, many are inclined to see search engine technology in a positive light; some might also assume, as Introna and Nissenbaum (2000) and others note, that this technology is “value-neutral.” However, search engines can raise a number of ethical controversies.

Before examining these controversies, however, we first briefly discuss the history of search engine technology via categories that, for our purposes, reflect four distinct eras: (i) Pre-Internet, (ii) Internet (pre-Web), (iii) early Web, and (iv) Web 2.0.

Additionally, we question whether search engine companies have any special moral obligations, e.g., in light of their “privileged” placed in society as “gatekeepers of the Web” (Hinman, 2005, 21), for which they should be held accountable.

We also describe some emerging ethical concerns affecting (cyber)security—at the data, system, and (inter)national levels—generated by the use of “discoverable search engines” in the context of the Internet of Things.Our free database has over 120,000 papers to choose from that are available 24/7/365.You paper is delivered via email, fax, or express mail. based and educated writers have been available 24/7/365 to write a new custom term paper or custom essay on any topic ($ 19.95 /page).Finally, in the concluding section, we briefly mention some impacts that search engines have for broader philosophical issues (especially in the area of epistemology) that may not be solely or mainly ethical in nature.However, an adequate analysis of these issues is beyond the scope of this entry.Search our paper database using your topic keyword; short group of words to describe your topic; or choose one of 400 academic research topics to narrow down your search.We are one of the oldest essay websites on the Internet.Our examination of important historical developments of this technology is intended to address our first question, noted above: “What is a search engine?” It also provides a backdrop for analyzing our second major question, “Why are search engines problematic from an ethical perspective?And only a handful of the existing publications that focus specifically on the It may be difficult to imagine today’s world without search engines.Which high school student has not used a Web search engine to query about some topic or subject?


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