Short Essay On Water Pollution

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All the mankind, animals, trees will vanish from the earth’s surface and sadly that day will be coming earlier than we expect. Many manmade activities have polluted the water sources from which we consume the drinking water.

And hence it becomes very dangerous for our health.

Environment pollution is a serious menace to our existence.

Realising the danger, we must plant trees in large number to absorb impure air.

We have also I minister to look after the environment.

Water is equal to life for every living thing, be it humans, animals, birds or trees. But what will happen if there is no water for us to drink?

Since the water from these rivers is also used for domestic purposes, it causes the spread of water borne diseases like jaundice, dysentery, typhoid, etc.

Effluents from a large number of tanneries in north Arcot district of Tamil Nadu have polluted well water in a number of villages.

In this article, we have given you all the information about water pollution, its causes, effects and the ways and means to stop and prevent the water pollution.

This information will help you to write a perfect essay on water pollution and to prepare a speech on water pollution. Water covers almost two-thirds of the surface of the earth and the rest is occupied by humans, flora, and fauna.


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