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Cannabis increases the cardiovascular action of the heart.

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Although cannabis isn’t an aphrodisiac, many users report heightened sensitivity and increased sex drive.

The effects of cannabis generally last for up to four hours depending on the amount used, and the body resumes normal service after that.

There is no ‘hangover’ as with alcohol, instead users describe the feeling as being ‘woolly-headed’.

Origin of the species The drug itself is derived from Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica, a plant related to nettles and hops that grow wild in many parts of the world. The first written account of cannabis use can be found in Chinese records dating from 2800 BC.

Cannabis was also used in the West as hemp fibre, for industrial purposes, before it was used for medical use by W. Another advantage attained from removing prohibition may not only be increased revenue through reduced government expenditure on prohibiting marijuana as mentioned above, but may also be seen through the social benefits seen from the prohibition moving away from the focus on softer, less harmful such as marijuana, and would focus on drugs with more harmful effects such as heroin and methamphetamines.

Through decriminalising marijuana, police forces could focus more on more addictive, harmful drugs which have a higher risk over overdose and more serious effects.Cannabis contains more than 400 chemicals, including ‘cannabidiolic acid’ – an antibiotic with similar properties to penicillin.However, the main psychoactive ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC.However, cannabis is widely used by people for medicinal reasons, often for the relief of pain, or as an appetite stimulant.In 1996, a clinical trial in San Francisco found that people with HIV wasting disease who used cannabis were more likely to put on weight.Chemicals called cannabinoids block certain electrical signals inside the brain, interfering with the short term memory and co-ordination. Pressure inside the eye decreases, causing the eyes to redden and the eyelids to become puffy.The air passage to the lungs expands and the mouth stops producing saliva, leaving a dry mouth.In recent years a small number of people have been prosecuted for growing and consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes.In most cases a suspended sentence has been issued, but recently a jury returned a not guilty verdict, and in another example a judge threw out the case.Other medical source’s state Marijuana, once again when used under supervision for medical reasons can be effective in treating glaucoma, through relieving pressure on one’s eye socket, as well providing relief to those suffering from AID’s and Multiple sclerosis.For the past year cannabis (marijuana, blow, dope) has frequently been in the news headlines in the UK, and it was recently announced that the legal status of the drug is to be reviewed.


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