Social Problems Of Youth Essay

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With the changing times seeking professional help has became a common practice and more accessible.

It is important to empower the teen with the information about seeking help even in the absence of the parent.

Parents and guardians should not judge or criticize their feelings or thoughts.

Being sensitive towards teens and the fact that they are exposed to a range of emotions (puberty being one of the most important experiences) is an important step in understanding their transition.

A healthy relationship between the child and parents is the most essential during the teenage years.

Communication is the key to developing a rapport, which results in the child feeling comfortable talking to their parents.It is equally important for a parent to be aware of his or her own needs and limitations and being open to seek or accept help.Concerns that teenagers are faced with today are multifarious but interrelated in many cases.It’s no secret that the level of exposure teens have today, as a result of the Internet is unmatched.Cyber addiction is the fastest growing problem amongst other common teenage problems.This not only enhances the relationship but also helps the child confide in the parents about sensitive topics like bullying, peer pressure and abuse.Parents need to feel free to talk to their teens about certain common teenage problems like dating, sex, drugs, and alcohol.Making respect a mutual virtue will help in developing a stronger bond between parents and the child.Every parent has a different outlook towards parenting.Changes in sleep patterns, eating habits, declined interest in normal and healthy activities, dropping grades in school and college, and preferred isolation are all early signs of depression.Increased demands to perform, competing with friends etc may also lead to unwanted stress.


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